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November 12, 2012


Merlin John

Really interesting post Ollie. Loads to think about with 1:1 and there's plenty of odd thinking and practice out there. While wanting 1:1 access to appropriate technology for children appears to be the bottom line, how often do teachers really want 1:1 access in class?
One of the most perplexing sights I've seen in recent years was in a primary school where learners were in one of the best settings I've seen for collaborative work but were 'ringfenced' into their individual laptops with hardly a word spoken. Of course I could have missed something but it certainly didn't feel like an 'engaged' silence.
Sugata Mitra is regularly quoted for his excellent work on self-organised learning systems but people ought to also take into account what he has to say about collaborative working and the design of learning spaces. THere are some really interesting insights.
One of the first observations from the teacher who wrote the first review of a digital tablet (an iPad) on my website was that it was a great collaborative tool. I'd hate to see that aspect, which is largely determined by the pedagogy, lost in the scrum to put 1:1 schemes in place in schools. As you say, good leadership and management is the key.
Back in 1990s the Docklands Literacy project became one of the first successful mobile technology schemes. The device they used, an Acorn/Psion device with keyboard, was a hit in helping children with their reading and writing – the biggest challenge for the organisers was the management of the technology. and that's true of most ICT in schools.

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