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November 16, 2012


Janet Abercrombie

Agreed. Collaboration is a HUGE part of 1:1.

My students have Google docs - the whole Google suite - so they are more than familiar with the chat (even at age 10).

I encourage students to use the chat - AS LONG AS they are using it for learning purposes. I was conferencing with a student the other day when I saw another student's name pop up on the chat.

The student did nothing to hide the chat.. I started with my usual workshop question: "What are you working on as a writer?"

She said, "I'm not sure how to end this piece?"

I countered, "What does [Melanie] say?" Let's check.

We opened the chat. Melanie had made some GREAT suggestions that my conference student and I were able to talk through. I was also able to compliment the student who made the suggestion.

Items that most adults find distracting can be powerful tools for student learning. But, you need to teach students about time management and help them get to know their own personal helps/distractions as learners.

Ollie Bray

Hi Janet - thanks for sharing your story! Its brill! and demonstrates the real power of Google Documents in action! OB

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