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March 08, 2011


Brad Fallon

This is such an amazing school! I never seen quite like it before. Thanks for posting some photos. The place is really conducive for learning. How can one enroll in such school? Do you have to be a genius to qualify?

Zoe Walker

The spaces look exciting and stimulating in themselves! What an environment to be in for your working day...far better than closed classrooms where people can hide...all I can think of is why I had to fight healthy and safety rules and wasn't able to keep the open plan we had - I found it a much more fun environment to be in. I wonder how the environment has impacted on the pride pupils have for their school?


This looks like an amazingly creative and innovative approach to school design. I love the idea of flexible learning spaces working so effectively. Would love to visit!

Rita Anderson

I went to Monkseaton High from 1974 - 1978 and wow what a transformation. It is defo built to todays modern age and yes I wish I was 13 again. Keep up the good work :-)

Monkseaton ex student

I left Monkseaton High School on 1988, I remember the original building was past its best even then. It is a real shame that this new building hasn't made any impact on the results. My best friend in 1986 left the school to take her A levels at another school...at the time I didn't understand why...now I do.

David Jones

2010 exams: only 34% of students scored five A* to C grades including English and maths – below the national average.

A North Tyneside Council report said the school needed to improve the skills of leaders and managers as a “matter of urgency”.

Dr Paul Kelley quit suddenly.

Doris Edwards

wow!! this school is so awesome. it is very futuristic. The buildings and the designs very futuristic designs. Form the building itself it shows how high tech this school must be.

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