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March 14, 2011



Ollie - I'll enjoy the videos later, but my main bugbear is that we can't be expected to teach responsible use when our council(s) make a lot of decisions for us.

As a simple example, I managed to log on to comment here using OpenID. Twitter and Facebook are both blocked outright. As are countless other sites including many educational resources.

Not only does this simply make it inconvenient, it doesn't allow us to lead by example or demonstrate effectively. Until our employers trust us, how can we allow our pupils demonstrate their ability to earn *our* trust?

Ollie Bray

Hi Mosh - keep an eye on the www.technologiesforlearningstrategy.org.uk website (assuming your in Scotland?). There will be a chance to comment on this and other issues very soon. Ollie


Yes, in Scotland. I think most of these decisions seem to be made on a council-by-council basis with very little room to manoeuvre for staff who are more knowledgeable than those in the council offices!

Given that Curriculum for Excellence covers such things as developing good communication skills and becoming responsible in their own right, as well as the IT side of things asking us to teach children how to choose the best tool for a job it seems daft to be blocking us from accessing applications which are ideal for all of these.

I'll certainly check out that website. Fingers crossed we get someone in charge soon who isn't still scared of that big flashy box in the corner of the living room...

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