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January 31, 2011


Pete Bradshaw

Also... my step daughter (aged 27)posted something on a Facebook page agreeing with one side of a particularly strong debate. She got the usual comments, but then she said "Someone was so taken by what I said they actually in-boxed me. A proper e-mail". Of course it wasn't an e-mail at all it was a direct message.

Joe Wilson

Bit that gets me is we call lots of stuff video when video hardly actually exists in either the capturing , storing or playing processes
We need a better word in this space.

Almost American

Bizarrely, the thing that looked like a kitchen scale was actually an 8-track! I don't remember ever seeing one in the UK, but my first car in the USA had one!

Ollie Bray

Good story Pete! and you are right Joe - perhapes we do need a better word for video.

Almost American - I can't belive that is not a kitchen scales! I should be in the video!

Thanks for your comments guys!



As a linguist, Im always amazed at the power of language to both adapt itself and to shape the way we think.

I came to study at university in England after I finished my secondary schooling in Spain. Shortly after my arrival pcs, email and the internet pretty much took over.

Although my native tongue is Spanish, I learned to use vocabulary such as mouse, click, download,upload, etc in English first. When I started teaching Spanish in England pupils would ask me things like "Sir, how do you say click in Spanish".

Embarrassingly, I'd always have to go and look it up!

Proof that school does not prepare you for the challenges of the future? Up to you to decide.

Brian O'Connell

I hadn't thought about the 'Save' icon before. Yes, it's funny that the icon is a 3.5" floppy. Some computers don't even have floppy drives by default any more.

But what would be a better representation? A hard drive? I'm sure a lot of people wouldn't recognize one of those, either, but not because they're become obsolete!

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