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January 16, 2011


James Clarke

The chairs, Ollie, are LAMU from RM's furniture division, Isis

Ollie Bray

Thanks James - I loved the chairs. Post has been up-dated. Ollie


Ollie, I am still not sure about the VerTable mainly due to the fact it is still single touch and I think an interactive table needs to be multitouch. Why would you want to get a group of students around and table and then only one of them be able to interact with the pen. It is also very heavy.


Andy Bruce

There is a strong case for deliberately keeping It single touch since the collaboration should normally be about one focal point. You also still have the skill of combining the use of pen and laptop. One of the key messages is demistifying technology by allowing combined use with physical objects such as models. It is now possible to put an Epson interactive on the vertable which is even better.

James Clarke

Single-touch or multi-touch? Both seem to have fans as well as detractors, as can be seen by Steve and Andy's comments above.
Put simply, commercially available technology at the right price for education has prevented a multi-touch VerTable. And this is why, whilst it continues to be improved, the single touch has, to date, only been available.
However, who knows what development will be at BETT 2012.

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