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June 19, 2010


John McLear

Good post Ollie, honestly speaking I wanted photosynth to be cool but I never really liked it much.

OSM is nice and will probably eventually get purchased and merged with the Google data, or they will feed Google Maps, as is the usual way of these things.

It may be that I'm not creative enough to appreciate the data. We feed Plings School Closure and School Holiday information to aid in creating maps of places to go and things to do, they overlay this information both on GMaps and on OSM so kids can easily find stuff to do if they are bored or if their school is closed.

I guess what I'm saying is that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Maps alone are useful but maps with a desired practical application are even more useful.

I want to get from A to B isn't necessarily how we use mapping software in the 21st century.

Nor is I want to see Point A or B physically, we have to think of maps in a whole new way, thinking about ways we can layer information on and OSM allows that a lot easier/friendlier than GMaps.

Ewan McIntosh

The OSM example is one that I pick up on talks where I'm trying to explain how collaboration can make things happen in the real world. However, if you've ever tried to edit accurately and in a way that the community feels adds value to OSM, it's a different matter - it's bloody hard, and I've yet to see an example of where kids' efforts have stayed and/or had an impact in the same kind of way as, say, Wikipedia. If you come across any, please do share. I'm for up for trying to change that situation :-)

Scott Hewitt

Thanks for sharing photosynth. Free app with that functionality is great with its link to bing. You could also use QR codes to create location markers when out in the field.

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