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November 14, 2009


David Rogers

Nice post Ollie, and thank you for the kind words.

I totally agree with your outward looking collaborative approach. Like your crossword key note point - we can't (and shouldn't) be charged with driving curriculum innovation on our own!

After a week of receiving some pretty negative comments about some of the projects I'm involved in, this has really cheered me up!

Also - thank you for highlighting the Global Warming idea - one to fit into our Schemes of Work I think!

Hope you didn't get too blasted by the wind down South this weekend


Graeme Robertson

I have never posted before, yet check out the blog every day and find it ever insipiring.

I always feel that you and others, like David Rodgers, set the standard for CPD and peer support that we should all follow.

I remember shadowing Val Vannet for a day when I did my Geography ATQ a few years back and she made it clear the importance of joining the Geography community online and contributing.

I have never quite managed to do it (partly due to my job changing slightly, partly due to constant time pressure, partly due to not being sure what it is that I do that could be classed as innovative or of help to others and partly due to my own 'inertia').

Any suggestions as to how best analyse my own practise and identify what is worth sharing would be interesting.

Thanks for your ongoing work.

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