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October 24, 2009



An interesting video, but full of confused description. The presenter rightly describes a hologram, but the image displayed is distinctly not a hologram - the setup looks more like pepper's ghost (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pepper%27s_ghost) which uses a diagonal see-through mirror - see closing image of video. Holograms are very difficult to generate as they require lasers and a recording medium, which must then be reflected in the output mechanism. Making them "live" and interactive is still way off.

The main novel technology being demonstrated is really an interactive system that uses ultrasonic waves for 'haptics' - generating a feeling of touch.

Some articles I've written for Becta's TechNews:
Haptics http://emergingtechnologies.becta.org.uk/index.php?section=etn&catcode=ETN_0001&rid=14226
3D displays http://emergingtechnologies.becta.org.uk/index.php?section=etr&catcode=ETRE_0001&rid=14137


Thanks for adding these points Neil - I'm away to read your articles on Becta's TechNews.

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