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September 02, 2009



Some authorities already provide CPD during aweek of summer hokidays, I spoke to someone who organises this and she felt as it was voluntary she actually got a good response


Use of Summer holidays for CPD was also very evident in Hong Kong when we visited in May

David Muir

"Success comes in 'cans', not in 'cannots'"

Oh dear... oh dear-o-dear. :-)


@Andrea - I agree with you hear. The summer school is another good example of this. We forget that many teachers are willing to give up their time because of their passion and commitment to the job.

@David - Don't get me started!

Adam Sutcliffe

Allowing teachers to decide how excellence can be brought to their classrooms, rather than forcing ill-thought out cross-authority strategies into schools as is happening in at least one place I know;)

Juliet Robertson

Practice what we preach! Ouch!

We want sustainable development education? Then make all new build schools earthships!

We want children to walk or cycle to school? Then create safe ways of enabling this to happen and get staff to walk or cycle to school too.

We want technologically literate children? Then let's support our teachers to be technologically literate to enable and facilitate.

We want children to be adventurous and risk takers? Then let's create places, events and mindsets where this can happen.

We want children to enjoy learning outdoors? Then let's give teachers and children the hooks that will take them out there (rather than talk at length about the "barriers" preventing this)

The big idea? As a profession I would like us to move from fear to freedom. Then education will really blossom with inspiration, joy and laughter.


Great response Juliet!

I love your expression ‘from fear to freedom!’

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