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February 15, 2009


Con Morris

Well done to you and all the gang there at Musselburgh!

David Gilmour

Congratulations on getting through the first-round auditions without getting booed(?) off the stage. Maybe it's now time to reveal the heart-wrenching sob-story of how you were deprived of Guitar Hero as a child?

I'm sure you'll let the students know they played a part in this. It would be great if some could go to Vienna to talk about the impact of the project on their learning, especially their showcase concert!

Alan Coady

Well done, Ollie - to you and everyone involved.

Ollie Bray

Con, David and Alan - Thanks for your support Guys and your individual contributions to the project! OB

Nicola Wilson

Hi there. I'm a PT in a school in Edinburgh and I ma interested in using you idea of Guitar hero with my class next year. Don't think we can afford to buy the full world tour kit so what would you recommend we actually buy to get started ?


Hi Nicola,

If you want to do the project on the cheap - buy a re-conditioned games console from somewhere like Game and a second hand copy of the game. You could away with a version that just uses 2 guitar (eg: Guitar hero 3) and then add to it with World Tour, drums and vocals and and when you raise funds? Get in touch if I can be of any help. Quite happy to come and visit you at school. Ollie

Nicola Wilson

Thanks for answering so quickly. How much did it cost for you to buy the whole set and what did you actually get fot your money? Is it possible to buy the plans you produced or was the idea for each school to put their own mark on it? Really exciting about starting it next session. Might take you up on the offer of a visit early next session. Thanks again


Hi Nicola - happy to come in and see you at school in the new term.

Best thing to do for prices is do a bit of digging around on Amazon or game. It really depends on what sort of console you want.

You can develop your own stuff. but why not have a look here for some ideas and starters: http://sites.google.com/a/edubuzz.org/guitarhero09/


Thanks for posting about this - it was a great week and fantastic to spend time with such and enthusiastic group of teachers from across Europe.

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