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November 19, 2008



Yet another interesting post,amazing technology out there. Although I am constantly stopping children wearing headphones in form class, corridors and class. There is also research and EU laws in the offing warning of the headphone dangers to childrens hearing. I would not wih tinutus on anyone, I have it after my loud youth. Maybe we should give pupils the reasearch,allows them to make an informed decision on the MP3 player use.http://technology.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/tech_and_web/personal_tech/article4958503.ece


Morning Nick - thanks for the comment. I think you have a really good point about people damaging their ears by listening to loud music - if fact you have just given me an assembly idea. OB

Alan Coady

Hi Ollie,

Lots of interesting ideas there. My only problem is the inadvisable hand position in the video - three fingers wedged together to play one note - and the pinkie bent and unusable. Seeing that sort of things causes mirror neurons to make me feel uneasy - the ergonomic equivalent of Nick's concerns over ear damage - which I support wholeheartedly. We only get one pair of ears and to last a whole life

Andy Berlin

Hi Ollie,

Thank you for an excellent article surveying the iPhone instruments. We are pleased that you included uFlute in your list.

We regret that you had problems with uFlute crashing. Last week, when we first heard of the problem, we removed uFlute from the App Store right away, as we have very high quality standards.

We have now identified the problem and corrected it in version 1.2. uFlute will be available once again in the App store later this afternoon. Version 1.2 corrects all known problems and sounds great!

Best Regards,
Andy Berlin
Developer of uFlute

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