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November 16, 2008



Simple and powerful is always the best way! I wondered if you have ever used Befuddlr https://befuddlr.com as a way to extend the simple use of Flickr. It takes the image and makes a simple puzzle out of it. Great to use on a particular image that is indicative of the work in the lesson or as a plenary in a session. I used it on a diagram of the water cycle. https://tbarrett.edublogs.org/?s=befuddlr

David Rogers

Great simple idea Ollie. Used this today when looking at Niagara Falls to generate enquiry questions about the area.



Hi Tom - good to hear from you. I've not used befuddlr - but I'll check it out!

Hows it going Dave - glad you like the idea and that you have made some use of it.

See you both soon.



A way round the 'online safety' issue is to use your own account. I have used flickr for a few years personally and sign in at work to my flickr account then use the search but it limits to appropriate images.


A great idea. Have you looked at:


can return some interesting searches, extending your basic search.


Nice idea

I used it today with 'conformity' in Higher Psychology.

Very interesting...

Victoria Ellis

Did this with Svalbard with an "interesting" Yr8 group yesterday - worked a treat! So simple but so effective.

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