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October 18, 2008


jaye richards

A useful comparison - just wondering if you've tried sliderocket, and what you think of it if you have ?

Neil Winton

Hi Ollie,
Jaye's beaten me to the obvious thought. I'm moving over to using sliderocket (http://sliderocket.com) and/or 280slides (http://280slides.com/). They are both much prettier than powerpoint, and they have the added benefit of being completely online so accessable and useable anywhere there is an internet connection.

Both will allow you to import powerpoint slides, so you might want to try uploading one and seeing what you think. Failing that, you might want to try creating one from scratch...

I'm gradually moving more and more things online, thus saving me a fortune in software costs. Even better because their computers do all the hard work so you don't need a particularly high spec machine to access them... so again, this is a measure that could save schools considerable sums of money!

Neil Winton

Update: Here are a couple of links for you to see the differences...





Hi Jaye and Neil - I'll have a good look at Slide Rocket, its one of those (many) sites I've not got round to having agood look at yet!

And Neil, thanks for my custom preview of both!

We must get a date for the Internet Safety Workshop?


Elaine Talbert

I will be sticking with SlideShare, it has served me very well! I have come to know many bloggerati and twitterati from SlideShare. I love the ease of groups, tags etc. I run a search through Google Reader and I star the best web2.0 work from around the world.This service has formed the basis of my PLN well before I jumped onto Twitter. Elaine


How about including the other players like zoho-show, wondershare and authorstream in this comparison.

Slava Uskov

Hi Ollie,

SlideBoom allows to upload presentations up to 100 mb in size now. You can also easily upload presentations with flash, audio and video using a free PowerPoint add-in for SlideBoom.

Take a look at SlideBoom again and you will see that it can give you more than Slideshare.

Ollie Bray

Slava, thanks for the tip off - looking forward to checking this out! OB


Many of them think SlideShare is the only ppt sharing portal, there are many others like



among the above sites I found SlideServe better. I'm moving over to using SlideServe.

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