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September 12, 2008


Alan Coady

This sounds like a great day out!

Although the applications of the technology you describe sound most suited to Geography teachers - and primary teachers - the cross-curricular notion opens it up. Although I couldn't come up immediately with uses for instrumental instructors, I'd say it's in the nature of the job to subvert to adapt or subvert ideas to their purpose. An example of this would be devising uses of software which are quite different from the creators' original intentions. So, if you find yourself with 49 teachers, don't forget us.

jaye richards

I wonder if there is a use for this in Biology as well - environments, pollution, forestry and agriculture all come into my mind here. Same for the standard grade science environments course.
What do you think ? Any top tips ?

Noel Jenkins

Hey Ollie - nice write up, but I think you underplayed the quality of the lunch!

The promise of a UK Google Teacher's Academy is really exciting.

I'm looking to publish a few more examples of student work with GE and GMaps this year and hopefully developing a few more links to Higher Ed uses of Google tools. It's fairly clear that people like Richard can utilize their technical kills to develop GE educational apps much more effectively than school teachers.

Ian Stuart

Sounds great.
We have been working with schools in Georgia, USA and Valencia, Spain using Google docs, sketchup and google Earth.
Putting info up on https://islaymonroe.wikispaces.com/ .
We are using Google Earth and Sketchup to reproduce old settlements for Archelology.
So many possiblities, so little time

Bill Stephen

Great post Ollie, there is a lot to use here! Sounds like a good day too. I'll definitely be poaching some idea for the new East Lothian Outdoor Education website.

David Gilmour

Bet you feel at home in that Milk Float.

Alan Parkinson

Where was my invite ?
Perhaps it got lost in the post ;)

Using GE and maps as part of my new role at the Geographical Association to help build teacher networks.
Don't forget my user guide blog too...
You can tell me all about it at SLF...

Jim McDougall

Great post; how do you get to visit Google HQ?! I am doing maps and atlas skills with S1 and I feel it's vital they get meaningful experience of Google Earth and other online maps as well as the traditional OS maps. I think "e-maps" are changing the way we construct a sense of place and teach concepts such as scale, distance and conventional symbols. For example, on Google maps or Multimap we perceive "scale" as a continuum of detail that can be adjusted by sliding a toolbar, zooming in and out to the required level of coverage. Layering and superimposing aerial photos on to maps are other powerful tools for any mapwork lesson.


Never mind Google, we have Street Level View already, check out....



Yes, but none of Scotland!

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