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February 03, 2008


Robert Jones

Why is it "highly likely" that we will delete Linux and spend extra money on licenses to install XP?


Robert - see the comments at: http://edubuzz.org/blogs/tessawatson/2008/01/29/rm-asus-minibook-some-more-thoughts/

Donald j Macdonald

Hi Ollie - I was interested to read your thoughts about Linux. A good friend of mine, who designs and maintains websites for a living, swears by Linux. He cannot understand why so many of us are so committed to supporting the Gates empire when, I quote, ''There are far better alternatives''. I look forward to seeing you on Thursday. Donald

Keith Gee

I saw your comments regarding Windows on the machine. Two points spring to mind, first off, where did the copy of Windows come from, as I assume it wasn't shipped with it. Secondly the whole point of using Linux on the machines is as a cost effective PC platform. Putting Windows onto it would then lift it into a different price bracket. Unless of course Bill Gates gives it away.


The XP on my eeePC (which Ollie photographed) was bought to try to breath life into a very old laptop, a project now abandoned.
I wanted to see how it coped with some Windows only applications and the answer so far is great.


Hi Keith,

I see Robin has already answered your first question. To answer you second question. I Agree. OB

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