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October 10, 2007


Gavin Richards

If you're using Macs - have you looked at the MicroMemo


We have a half class set of nanos and micromemos. Looked at several alternatives - although it just placed too many steps in the podcasting process. These sync with iTunes, and can then be edited in GaragaeBand to produce a podcast - easy as that.

Hope this helps



The iAudios we have work with both PCs and Mac - easy to use (press red to record and red to stop!). When linked to computer you just click on the folder which says voice and then drag your mp3 file straight there.
We definitely bought them from misco.co.uk, but I've been having a look online and can't see anything that looks like them.
In fact browsing their website I wonder if it's because they have developed this instead

We have a load of iPods which we will be using to record as soon as I get microphones to go with them. We are also being given recorders for all of S4/5/6 - will speak to PT Enterprise and find out what kind they are - she says they will be "drag and drop"
With my S4s we have been recording straight to mobiles - but I know not everywhere/everyone is happy with that!


Hi Gavin - thanks for this tip, I'll check it out.

Thanks as well Lynne – but this does look a bit expensive!


That's what I thought - in fact the recorders we bought were such good value, the salesman was amazed at the price, so I suspect they'd made a mistake. Having said that they are nothing like these, except in maybe appearance.

Ewan McIntosh

Mark Hunter, the Tartan Podcaster who did the superb small podcasts on Connected Live (http://www.ltscotland.org.uk/connected) uses an Edirol - superb quality when there's background noise:



Thanks Ewan - I'll check that out. Have a safe trip back from distant lands! Ollie

Bill Stephen

I am wathching this post with interest after teaching a podcast session using the macs last Friday at the TeachMeet. Nearly all present felt they had no access to the kit to use for podcasting other than the mic on the mac then editing with garageband - and most of the secondary teachers present complained they couldn't get macs.The devices that have been shown above seem to be out of the budget range for many of the delegates. Is there a cheaper alternative?
A machine that is easily compatible with both Pc and Mac recoding in MP3 format would be ideal

I have been using my mobile phone for podcasts in the field but it does involve the use of two different programmes to convert the files to MP3 format, however the benefit has been no additional cost.

We have to make it easier for teaching staff to access equipment to podcast if we are going to engage them and use this as a learning tool.


I agree with you Bill - we do need to find a cheaper alternative. lets hopes that by the time the comments on this post close we will have found somthing! What are your plans for the October Break? OB


Ewan - the Edirol comes in at about £250! its a little over our budget!


Some phones just record as mp3 files - pupils have bluetoothed talks to my iBook without any need to convert the file. Needless to say my own phone is not quite so efficient, although it does record.

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