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October 09, 2007


Neil Winton

Thanks for the meeting! It was very informative, and was worth it for the looks of realisation (and sometimes horror) on the faces of some of the parents.

I have copious notes that I'll be turning into a post (or two) tomorrow... in the meantime, thanks again for a great night!


Hi Neil - thank you for coming down to the evening. As ever your support and enthusiasm is greatly appreciated. I would really value your feedback (I'm sure you will mention this in your posts). Also looking forward to seeing your Flickr Photos - The Courier are after a good one for Friday edition. See you soon, and enjoy the rest of your holiday! Ollie

dave t

Dear Mr B:

*genuflects and tugs forelock in attempt to ensure that next request is met with favour*

As I am currently sticking a presentation for the Headshed together would it be possible to grab a copy of your adapted "Shift Happens"?. I showed the original and the latest versions to my S4s and they were very interested - gave me a chance to have a discussion period which ranged very widely indeed! 8-)

English Teacher
Elgin Academy


Hi Dave,

This is not a problem. However the adapted version was really to do with Internet Safety.

Did you know that Shift Happens has now been adapted for UK use. You can download it from here. Remember if you adapt the presentation under the share and share alike license you need to put your adapted copy back into the public domain and acknowledge the original source.


Cheers for now, Ollie

Don Ledingham


This is great. Could you contact Mary Horsburgh to fit some time in to meet with myself and Karen Robertson.




Hi Don - I have contacted Mary and she will arrange a meeting time. OB

dave t

Fantastic - many thanks! Enjoy your kayaking! (My half term is wife in Benidorm, daughter and grandson in house, me on babysitting for a week!) ROll on summer when I get a real holiday!

jim henderson

Very interesting Ollie. Something I am looking at from a Highland perspective. I have been collating some stuff about internet safety. You can find it here http://del.icio.us/jimhenderson/InternetSafety

Internet Safety Training Videos

Thanks for posting the info. I wanted to let you, and your readers know about an Internet Safety Training series designed specifically for parents. Comprehensive training videos that covers virtually everything a parent needs to know to keep their children safe. Visit the site for free full-length sample training videos.

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Jan Harrison

Yes, re-read this piece in the light of the recent comments by Cameron and the responsibility of Search engines and ISPs.

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