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May 13, 2007


Neil Winton

Really interesting post... lots to ponder.

I've got a quick question if I may. I was at an INSET with Derrick Bruce (of The Positive Behaviour Team @ S.E.E.D.) last week and he was talking about emotional literacy. This is, in essence, the learned empathy that allows us to function and which is lacking in many of our more troubled pupils. My questions is simply whether emotional literacy is the same as (or related to) the emotional intelligence you are talking about?

pam greig

Hi Ollie
I was interested to read your comments on emotional intelligence. I have just completed the test and got exactly the sames score maybe the SQH course has improved our emotional intelligence or maybe we should try the test again. I was also glad to read that you found the speed reading more challenging because I thought that it was just me.

Ollie Bray

Hi Neil, Great to hear from you and what a good question. I hadn’t heard of the term emotional literacy before. I would love to hear more about your CPD course. I found this on the http://eqi.org web site.

‘Also, one of the first steps to developing our emotional intelligence is to improve our emotional literacy. In other words, to improve our ability to identify our feelings by their specific names - and the more specific we can be, the better. Though the term emotional literacy is not used in the Mayer Salovey model of emotional intelligence, they do say that the first branch of emotional intelligence is ...the capacity to perceive and to express feelings. They then add that Emotional intelligence cannot begin without the first branch..." Mayer and Salove have also written that the "ability to label emotions" is part of the third branch of their model (Emotional understanding)’

I’m not sure if this answers your question? I think I might be even more confused now!

Hi Pam – I’m not completely convinced by the questionnaire, but it was quite interesting to do. Hope you enjoyed the three days? I had a really nice time and met loads of great people. Good luck with your first assignment! OB

Jackie Cameron

Thanks for the link to the Queendom questionnaire Olly. My results were interesting and confirmed what I would have said about myself. In my coaching work I often hear people say that they have undertaken tests like but did not know what to do with the information they got especially if they disagreed with the outcome. Did you agree with your results? Did you learn anything new about yourself from them?

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