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January 06, 2007


Ewan McIntosh

The funny thing with Apple is that while their biggest sellers are cheaper than anything else they sell, the products such as the iPod and iTunes music are still a lot more expensive than their rivals.

What Apple do consistently well - and what people are prepared to pay an extra slice for - is beautiful, intuitive design.

The big news will, I think, be Keynote 4, which will provide animation embedded within presentations, making the line between movie making and presentation making thinner, and a new Spreadsheet app with iWork07.

Let's see what happens Monday... :-)


Well I'd like an apple pda with built in camera, video, voice recorder, gps, wifi etc
No office apps, bar a text editor, but mini versions of iPhoto and iMovie where one could annotate photos with stylus. QT like out put to multiple file formats including mp3 and flv. Browser and a metaweblog app. With a sim card for out of wifi range net connections that would work automatically. An eMate for the web 2.0 generation. I don't think ill get it though;-)

Ewan McIntosh

If my IPTV predictions from November are right we should see an HD monitor - widescreen, of course - to bring TV and computer closer together.

What do we get if we win?


when will the iTablet launch? Will everything be i from now on? Like iToothbrush even?

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