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November 29, 2006


Dave Cain

Excellent session Ollie. I`ve a joined a learning team at Pencaitland PS looking at Interactive Whiteboards so I`m looking forward to next week's session.

Tess Watson

Ollie, this is fab. I am currently proposing a CPD session on a number of ideas you have highlighted recently. Indecently, as I am a huge (the biggest I think) fan of VW Beetles, If any one searches for VW 'Beatles' they are not likely to get the best V-Dub sites. Probably more of Paul, Ringo or John lol!
Not sure I should have commented on this as my spelling is exceptionally mediocre.

Happy time!



Thanks Tess, I used the example of VW beatles, knowing that it would give you a smile! See you soon, Ollie.

Robert Jones

Great stuff Ollie. My delicious popular feed threw this at me - another top 10 tips for using Google:



Thanks for the link Robert. I will add it to the up-dated version of the on-line handout the next time I run this session.

steven davies

I can't compare kayaking with Searching the Internet,because I like to sail with my inflatable kayaks and Internet...I don't use it very often.

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