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November 27, 2006



Hi Ollie,
Just found this and thought you might be interested in it. Didn't look too closely into it but seems a good resource for educational podcasts etc.


Thanks so much for taking the time to look at yourminis.com. We are adding a lot of tools to help you manage and share your data.

We are also launching a new community around sharing tabs next week that includes the ability to find, rate, comment on and add tabs. This will help you discover people that share similar interests or are experts in a space and allow you to share in their work.

Below are a few examples of some early tabs that are published...


Also please try the browser plugin for yourminis. It calls up yourminis in heads up mode over any page you are on and gives you a series of 1 click options for adding rss feeds, videos, pictures, friends from social networks, microformats and more....

Thanks for your support.

Bill Stephen

Ollie, great to see so much add ons available. To be honest i'm a new blogger and am finding it difficult to understand what all the add ons and tools are. Must have a chat next time see you for some top tips.


Barney - great link, thanks very much!

Bill - would be great to catch up at some point. For a new blogger, your doing agreat job! See you soon. Ollie

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