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November 04, 2006



Thanks for that Ollie, that was fantastic, even for a non-Geography teacher like myself. I liked the ideas about working with other departments and bringing current events into the classroom.

I also especially liked the idea of having a piece of wall space for each pupil that they are responsible for updating.

Rob Chambers

Hi Ollie - the video is great! I have e-mailed you a couple of times this evening re. your post on SLN but one of them has come back - I'm hoping one has now sent to your Musselburgh account but if not let me know. Rob (Chambers)

Ollie Bray

Rob and Stuart, Thanks for your comments. The video took several hours to put together. I have had lots of positive feedback about it already. Please pass on the link to as many people as possible. Enjoy the rest of the weekend! Ollie

David Rogers

Hi Ollie, Thanks for the video. I enjoyed your presentation at SAGT, and the video has allowed me to revisit some! David


Hi David, really glad you enjoyed the conference and the presentation. Let me know if you manage to use any of the ideas in any of your lessons. Take care, Ollie


Hi Ollie

I hope you are well. I have enjoyed your blog! I was given your name by Ian Robertson at Dunbar Grammar who thought you might be interested in what we do! I am Director of Do Be Ltd. We believe in engaging students via technology, specifically MP4 technology. I wondered if I could pop into Musselburgh on Thursday this week as I'm also visiting Dunbar Grammar and East Lothian Council then? 10.30am would be perfect for me. Please call me on 01383 829959. I look forward to hearing from you soon, Louise

Ken Burnett

Lovely site Ollie.

You need a new photo at the beginning though, one that does you justice!

But...keep up the good work!

All best,



Thanks Ken - hope you are well and we will see you soon. OB

geography information source

this is such a great presentation. I just loved it.

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