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October 29, 2006



Nice idea about Survey Monkey - consider it ripped off. I thought you were great Ollie, although I did notice lots of empty seats!
Thanks for the DVD.
Always a pleasure !
If you're ever in Norfolk... keep driving and you'll end up in Suffolk...
;>)(aren't emoticons rubbish ?)

Ollie Bray

Thanks Alan, Your presentation on Google Earth looks fantastic. Lots of things for me to mess around with here. See you at next years conference (I'll start clearing out under the stairs!) Ollie

Victoria Ellis

Thanks for posting your "50 ideas" Ollie. They look great and I look forward to reading them properly when I am not frantically trying to catch up with marking and planning!!

And the "vodcast" sounds good!

Hope to meet you properly next year (rather than just have you pointed out from afar by your many fans!!!!)

Ollie Bray

Hi Victoria, thanks for the note. I have finished about half of the vodcast. Should be able to post it sometime this week. I had an interesting afternoon trying to re-create the jet stream experiment in the back garden, mush to the amusement of my neighbours! Cheers for now. Ollie

Alan Parkinson

Just had a look at the DVD you gave me Ollie.
Some fantastic slides there, which have sent me off in lots of fascinating directions.
You mean you have stairs in your house ?

Ollie Bray

Thanks Alan - I am preparing a screen cast of the presentation to help make sence of some of the slides. I hope you like the river / path fieldwork. I know that you were keen to try this with some of your classes. Cheers for now. Ollie

Alan Parkinson

Another question - not related...
Just looked at geographataltitude and students noticed that Denali is described as being
"the highest mountain in North America and the tallest mountain in the world." ?

Ollie Bray

Hi Alan,

You obviously have a very observant class. Let me try and explain it in a different way.

First of all Denali is the highest mountain in North America at 6194metres and the tallest land mountain in the world.

So how is it the tallest? Well, even though the summit of Everest is 2745 metres higher, measured from sea level, its base sits on the Tibetan Plateau at about 5180 metres, giving it a real vertical rise of little more than 3660 metres. The base of Denali is on roughly a 609 metre plateau, giving it an actual rise of 5486 metres. This means that Denali has a larger bulk and rise than Mount Everest (from the bottom to the top of the climb). Perhapes the term ‘talllest’ is missleading?

Glad you class like the Geography at Altitude Site – it was a great expedition. Maybe I’ll go back and get to the top one day!

Cheers for now, Ollie

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