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June 16, 2010


Juliet Robertson

Hi Ollie

Very well said! I'm interested that you regard outdoor learning as a tool rather than a place! I've tended to think about learning in a Venn Diagram with people, activities, and place as the components. Basically, the importance of place has been missing for years in education and it's a bit like trying to sit on a three-legged stool that only has 2 legs present if the place part is forgotten.

The other parallel ICT has with outdoor learning, though is impact. Both learning outdoors in context and a creative ICT activity engage children with their learning in potentially powerful ways.

However I get lots of people shaking their head at me when I bring out my iPad at a meeting or worry when a 3yr old is wandering around taking photos with my iPhone outside. That's their problem not mine though. I want to engage people with the outdoors and many young children find technology a connection with their indoor lives that can help them make sense of the world beyond walls.

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