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June 17, 2010


Juliet Robertson

Thanks again for this Ollie

It's interesting to see what you are recommending as both a secondary teacher and new technologies expert.

Being the sort of sort of person who takes ages to get down to a task I spent a wee while last summer looking at various apps in relation to their potential for use with primary and nursery children outside. It was a great distraction. Anyhow all my technology postings relating to this can be accessed via my blog index: http://creativestarlearning.blogspot.com/p/help.html

I particularly liked Hidden Park because I know how much children like fantasy creatures and the way it gets children to really look around the grounds for specific features.

Ollie Bray

Cheers Juliet - I'll check out your post (sure I have read it at least once already!).

Loads of Apps for Outdoor Learning - I was just covering some fieldwork ones in this part of the presentation.

I love Hidden park as well!

John McLear

Hey Ollie, mobiles can be used for peer assessment too if you use something like classdroid http://mclear.co.uk/sites/classdroid


Mobiles for me are most useful in quickly recognising good work and giving it an audience. The same could easily be done to record outdoor learning experiences and evidence too. This year, I've used my phone to photograph, video and record classwork (as well as some personal things)which is then sent via email to posterous http://geodonn.posterous.com . From there, there is the option to cross post to blogs/twitter/flickr etc. From my experience, students are pretty chuffed when their work is appearing online before they have walked out the door of the classroom. Now, thinking aloud, the logical next step is to include the phone as a tool for the student themselves to record their work and keep as evidence in any situation. Having already used posterous for keeping records of students achievement in S1 ICT ( http://kennysrecord.blogspot.com/2010/06/s1-adventures-in-posterous.html ), I think the scope is there for students to be flexible in the way and the places that they detail their learning experiences.I really enjoyed this post, Ollie, but then again, I'm a sucker for gadgets :)

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