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January 22, 2010



There were also demos on the DCSF and FutureLab stands. The type of AR that takes markers (ARtags) and displays a linked image/3D model is inherently limited. Yes, learners can manipulate the model in a more tactile way, but then what? I can see application to things like forces, where using the marker can "push" things and maybe other apps, but fairly limited.

Use of tags (as with QR codes) to label an environment that learners can walk round and investigate may be more useful.

Phone-based AR, where live data overlaid on camera's video screen sounds more exciting. (eg Nearest Tube app, Layar etc.) Markup landscape/environment, add comments etc in real time - overlaid for other users on same landscape.


Good blog posting this drawing attention to a trend which is beginning to gather momentum. I agree completely with the idea that the pedagogy for this is still not fully developed, and also with Neil above that maybe using markers in a spatially distributed learning space, and phone based AR would have lots of potential (a kind of mixed reality version of Futurelabs Savannah project). As always (well nearly always) technology comes first and opens up new possibilities and then the educators come along and have to back-fill the technology with the pedagogic application to make it a worthwhile investment, after having first decided whether it is at all a worthwhile investment. Should be an interesting year ahead for AR and we'll see what propositions are on the table next year at BETT 2011.


Hi Ollie
the new title from 2Simple - 2Create a Superstory has an Augmented Reality tool for learners to bring their creations to "life" Not sure I showed you this at BETT but happy to drop by and give a brief demo and leave you ac copy to play with.


Really hurt :-( You failed to mention my use of it in my seminar presentation on creativity when I drove a BMW Z4 with a 'tag' on a piece of cardboard.

Please also see my 365 picture at www.orunner365.blogspot.com where I wore a Optimus mask !

Ollie Bray

@Neil and @Matt - I agree with you both that phone based AR has got lots of exciting applications for education. Particularly when the SDK becomes more robust and accessible for children.

@Alan – Don’t worry the 2Simple post is still to come! I didn’t see the AR in action at BETT as the light was quite poor but I loved the rest of the product and think it is a great idea.

@Doug – Lucky you have a thick skin! Sorry to miss you at BETT – will you post the slides that you used for your presentation on your blog?

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