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November 27, 2009


Ms Beaker

I slipped on a banana skin on my way into a lesson this afternoon, now does that banana skin qualify as a "potentially offensive weapon"? and is that same banana skin is absolutely no use whatsoever in my classroom, of course not!
A mobile on the other hand... records audio, images, video clips, operates as a calculator, stopwatch...
Ollie, I agree with you 100% on the points you have made regarding use of mobiles in the classroom. Keep up the excellent work on your blog.

Mobile Phone TV

If it is thought to be used as educational purposes yes it should be embraced, but if it is missused, it should be thought otherwise.

Mark Geary

Lots of uses for simple cell phones and smart phones, but it is expensive for schools to pay for the service.
Some ways simple text messaging can be used here:

and some of my experiences using cellphones in the classroom with HIGHLY at-risk students at a charter HS here:

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