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October 14, 2009


Erin Conway

Comics is a graphic medium in which images are utilized in order to convey a sequential narrative; the term, derived from massive early use to convey comic themes, came to be applied to all uses of this medium including those which are far from comic.

Creating classrooms comics was funny and creative. Its like making journal to your past study with words in there head wanting to say something funny or serious.

Bill Boyd

A terrific post and a very valuable resource for teachers. It's an ideal way for kids to create narrative using a format which we have all engaged with from an early age. I for one was totally unaware that PowerPoint had that facility.


Juliet Robertson

Thanks for this info Ollie. I'm a bit of a silent fan of comic life and welcome any freebie apps per se. It's great for reporting on school grounds improvements and all sorts of others aspects of outdoor learning. Aah and aha!

Suzie S

I have just tried this out with my fourth year class - I got them to evaluate each site compared to SerifDraw which we use up here. This is one pupil's comments, which he emailed me, which seems to sum up well the evaluation of the packages for them. "Pixton- Easy to use and you do need to sign up.

Comic Brush- sign up required, easy to use.

Read, Write and Think- The worst out of the five, couldn’t find the comic creator.

Serif Draw- Rather complex to use, but impressive results when used correctly.

Marvel Superhero Comic Generator- Very slow loading time, after 5 min wait still could not access site."

It worked out well so I might try another classes views. I am looking into ideas for the S1/S2 course next year. This would also be good for other years. Hope this is useful!!!

Suzie S

Those that did get onto the Marvel site loved it! "Awesome! Very good!". Couldn't get them off the computer at the end of the lesson - which is not normally the case.

Ollie Bray

Thats great Suzie - thanks for the feedback! OB

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